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 Galactic news - Turn 1 (Stardate 2250)

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PostSubject: Galactic news - Turn 1 (Stardate 2250)   Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:17 pm

News - Turn 1 - Stardate 2250

I Q - Stardate 2250.42

Across all sentient worlds within the Alpha quadrant the enigmatic Q has appeared.
Speaking with the ruling castes of each world he brought a dire warning. Foretelling of coming tests that the quadrant has yet to face each race acted differently some spurning the words of this omnipotent being some acting aggressivly and some welcoming his appearance. Yet whatever the response from each world Q has given each race the ability to reach a neutral ground, a space station with what seems to be far superior technology than any other race has yet developed. Upon this station the mysterious and cunning Q appears to offer the Alpha quadrant a place to meet and perhaps prepare for the challenges ahead. Yet many believe this being is acting for its own reasons and they do not welcome its manipulation on such a galactic scale. Whatever the Quadrants opinons all races thus far seem welcome aboard Serenity Station

Ferengi planning permission? - Stardate 2250.104

Notices have been seen attached to the inside of Serenity Station claiming that a new and profitable Ferengi installation will soon be up and running within the Station very soon. Its unveiling has yet to be announced and with the Grand Nagus arrival many ferengi have been seem scrurrying around measuring up rooms and filling out contracts. Many view this enterprising action as bold and wait to see if Q will act favorably, if he acts at all. Some take peace from the fact the internal station defense have not yet activated against the Ferengi roaming the stations vast depths... so how bad could it possibly be?

The Hidden gateways. - Stardate 2250.106

Legends are spreading of a large area of space riddled with Wormholes in close proximity to each other. Some claim these lead to an unexplored sections of space beyound the Alpha quadrant, others say they lead to ancient civilisation that waits for the wormholes to open and invade the alpha quadrant. Some claim that these wormholes lead nowere and to enter them is certain death. Whatever the truth, as new worlds are colonized more ancient ruins are cropping up and with them more legends of the systems of gateways.

The Race is on. - Stardate 2250.124

With each races introduction to the being known as Q and the ability to meet alien races unheard of before aboard the Space Station Serenity, the various factions of the alpha quadrant have begun rapid colonization and technological development. Some claim this is in preparation of the trials ahead, but many believe it is in an attempt to gain dominace on a Galaxy many belived they thought they existed alone in. Time will tell...

Murder on Serenity Station? - Stardate 2250.251

The bodies a couple of romulan officials have been found deep within Serenity Station, found by Ferengi claiming to be mapping the station. The Romulan Star Empire were quick to claim the bodies and have not as yet issued any official statement. Some claim that klingons were seen leaving the vicinity of the bodies... some claim that computer panels had been tampered with at the same location and blame the station internal defenses, whatever the reason or motive, blood has been spilled on Serenity station and some see this as an omen of things to come...

Galactic Treaty - Stardate 2250.270

With the rather abrupt introduction of many galactic empires to each other within such a small space of time many of their populations are fearful and clamering for some galactic treaty to avoid wars and bring order to the coming choas. Yet as each race expands into the stars there seems little hope the voice of the people will be heard as many more warships are commisioned and sent prowling the stars.

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Galactic news - Turn 1 (Stardate 2250)
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