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A forum for a PBeM in an alternative dark future of the star trek universe. Loosely based on the Birth of the federation computer game
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 Welcome from the Federation

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Petty Officer Second Class

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PostSubject: Welcome from the Federation   Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:00 pm

President Constantine stands on the podium as the transmission begins

We are not alone...

In our galaxy there are others: each with different ideas, values, beliefs, wants and asparations. Let us all embrace the opportunity to share these new ideas, new cultures and civilisations. We are in a unique place in history, these opportunities which only out ancestors could only dream of, are now A new era of cooperation and enlightenment spands before us.

However, let us also remember our responsibilities also. Our need to respect eachother and coexist within this huge galaxy. The Federation is built on this mutual respect and understand, and we would like to extend the hand of friendship to all.

End Transmission
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The Gorn Hegemony
Petty Officer First Class
The Gorn Hegemony

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome from the Federation   Sun Sep 25, 2011 10:52 pm

Watching the transmission from the main meeting area of Serenity Station, Xrathis watches as others begin gathering listening to the announcement.

So it begins... he snarls to himself, anyone looking closer would think that it was almost a smile except for the many sharp teeth protruding from its gums.
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The Vulcan High Command
The Vulcan High Command

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome from the Federation   Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:28 pm

The vulcan ,wearing sunglasses for some some reason, nods to the federation representative and says with a slight bow 'the vulcan high command has agreed that the federations veiw of peace at this time is logical'
he then retires to his quarters.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome from the Federation   

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Welcome from the Federation
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