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A forum for a PBeM in an alternative dark future of the star trek universe. Loosely based on the Birth of the federation computer game
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 Role playing in the dark future

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Role playing in the dark future   Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:12 am

A quick word.

Feel free to speak out as your diplomat/Captain or whoever for your respective power, you may discuss any issue. You must behave though, no swearing, no out of game messages, no killing other characters i.e. no god modeing without express consent. These are representatives of your Race , remember that, otherwise anything goes.

New topics should be put in a new thread so as not to confuse current debates. feel free to set the scene how you see fit, Holodecks can be programmed any way you see fit Wink

Try and describe your characters actions when posting, adds to the atmosphere Smile Oh yes and the location of these meetings will be upon a the mysterious station known as... yes you guessed it... Serenity station!

Setting the scene:

In this alternate future of Star trek something has changed, something that could possibly mean the destruction of the existing races within the galaxy. Its similar to the one we know except you forge the future of the factions that exist within it. Sensing the future distubance, Q has interfered as he does and decided that while the young races at this time do not possibly know one another yet, they had best have early contact. Creating a giant space station that can be accessed by all the current races by means of a special mini warp hole conduit, it allows representatives of each race to travel there in safety, they are then provided with lush accommodation, formal meeting areas, even a number of Holo-decks. However the station is automated and its AI computer has Qs annoying voice and should anyone attempt grievous hurt to another empires diplomat then its possible on board security countermeasure may be activated... The station has been dubbed Serenity station by Q, perhaps a joke for its sure to be exactly the opposite as the factions start expanding and the political backstabbing begins. Q now watches with mischievous glee but keeps a wary eye out into the darkness of the void... something is coming and he doesn't like it...

Now as you forge your empire in this dark future, something is tampering with the timeline, the borg, the Dominion, species 8472 and the future alliances that are forged are being tampered with and forged into new destinies, Q is fighting back on level that cannot be perceived or is he making things worse... can you survive this dark future...

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Posts : 243
Join date : 2011-08-29
Age : 44
Location : manchester, uk

Character sheet

PostSubject: Re: Role playing in the dark future   Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:38 am

As you wander around Serenity Station, feel free to elaborate on areas as you see fit, be they Holo decks, Bars, meeting rooms or anything else you fancy. Wink
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Role playing in the dark future
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