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 Galactic news Stardate 2254 (Turn 5)

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PostSubject: Galactic news Stardate 2254 (Turn 5)   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:13 am

Strange meetings

Crown Prince Xrathis of Gorn and representative of the Federation have been seen in private meeting areas within Quarffs' Bar aboard Serenity Station. 'Innocent' looking Romulan and Cardassian passersby have been swiftly moved on by Quarff himself and the meeting went on for many hours, afterwards both Gorn and humans departed without word. Some are worried by these secret meetings and wonder if perhaps one of these empires is placing demands upon the other.

The Commonwealth Panics

The Trill Commonwealth citizens are in a panic and demands are being placed upon the leadership of this empire to increase its defense force. The reasons for these demands... no other than the Cardassian Union has been seen prowling its borders. The Trill Leadership has issued calls for calm but have taken onboard the fears of the people and new ships indeed seem to be have been commisioned and a recruiting spree for soildiers have begun.

Ferengi goods stolen.

The Ferengi are known for their ability to be trading with empires years before first contact is ever officially recognized, yet this long range trading vessel has returned with a horror story and this news is spreading throughout Ferenginaar. Apparently this ship was returning with stocks of vintage Knarr from Cardassian space. The Ferengi Captian had been holed up in his private chambers counting latinum for quite some time, when finally intruded upon the Ferengi Captian was found dead, apparently garroted and all evidence of the vintage Knarr had mysteriously disappeared from the vessel. Many say the Gorn are behind this having threatened the ferengi alliance trade vessels, but the manner in which the Ferengi was killed and the total deletion of all trace of the cardassian Knarr wiped from the ships databanks indicates perhaps a more devious foe...

Klingon silence

The mighty Klingon Empire has remained ominously quiet since its aggressive arrival aboard serenity Station, in fact few if any Klingon have been seen aboard the station at all. Some say its a prelude to something greater and many speculate that the Empire is building up a galactic invasion force and soon the stars will be filled with Klingon vessels. Other more calm citizens speculate that the Klingon Empire is perhaps not to be feared at all, perhaps they are intimidated by the myriad of other galactic races now roaming the alpha quadrant...

Northern Sphere Trade Alliance.

The Gorns self named empire for the Romulans and the ferengi from the northern sphere of the alpha quadrant has increased its activities, numerous trade routes ferrying what the NSTA claims to be simple medical supplies and basic exchange of goods. The Ferengi have even begun annexing systems... to allow safer passage for trade vessels. Many are divided on the words of the Hegemony, some see the threat this supposed alliance could bring others scoff quietly calling the words of the Gorn those of paranoid delusion.

Nausicaan Mercenaries.

In a bold display of power the Nausicaan Privateers have issued vid displays of their fast attack vessels and powerful nausicaan warriors boarding mock vessels and slaughtering the crew in fast and efficient ways. This vid seems to be a rather crude effort to elicit a response to the following statement
"We the Nausicaans offer our services to the Alpha Quadrant, as mercenaries we can offer our ships and crew as mercenaries to plunder your foes and bring much needed aid to a beleaguered empire." The vid is then replaced by a Nausicaans attempt to look sincere and serious in regards to the offer.

The Vulcans arrive

Without ceremony or announcement it seems the watchful gaze of the Vulcan High Command has arrived on serenity station, as yet their intentions seem peaceful and some welcome this race to the growing tensions aboard Serenity Station.

United Federation of Planets and Gorn Hegemony Treaty

In a worrying move the Federation and the Gorn have joined in a Affiliation Treaty, ships between the two empires can now use each others shipyards and outposts to boost their Galactic range within the Alpha Quadrant. Word is already spreading of the trade vessels exchanging goods between the two home worlds of Gorn and Sol. Even more worrying is that the Gorn now have access to the Northern sphere of the Alpha quadrant and potentially the Ferengi Alliance and Romulan Star Empire. Ferengi and romulan ship captians now search the stars for Gorn vessels as if waiting for the bogeyman to appear, or even worse a combined fleet of Federation and Gorn vessel... but surely not?

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Galactic news Stardate 2254 (Turn 5)
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