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 Galactic news Stardate 2257 (Turn 8)

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PostSubject: Galactic news Stardate 2257 (Turn 8)   Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:39 am

First Contact.

The federation starship USS Discovery entered an unexplored system and was quickly surrounded by alien planetary defense vessels. First contact was made with the Bajorans in sector F:10 an enlightened species who worship deities known as the Prophets that they say reside within a wormhole within the same system as their home world. This new race have shown they can be reasoned with and first contact was successful. Many are wondering what wonders and advancements does this new race offer and what lies within the wormhole of the prophets, the empires of the quadrant now turn thier gaze upon this new discovery, some with friendship, others with more sinister motives...

Gorn recruitment

The Gorn have been mustering ground forces from special recruitement centres on their homeworld. With the words of the Crown Prince Xrathis redently aimed at the Klingon Empire many fear that the Hegemony attentions have turned from the trade alliance between the Romulans and the Ferengi towards the southern sphere of the alpha quadrant. With civil war coursing through the Klingon Empire many ask how they can stand up to the aggressive Gorn stance. Some whisper that their affiliation with the Federation gives them the security they need to take such stances, some even whisper that the federation are backing such actions, whatever the truth, many ships and troops are mustering and advancing upon the Klingon - Gorn border...


Footage has been taken of what seems to be a Klingon mining prison. Slaves identified from many empires within the alpha quadrant have been catalogued within the dilithium mines. Other evidence points towards recent abductions within the quadrant and a slave trade centered on the Klingon empire as they vie for more slaves to mine the dilithium that will power the Klingon warships. Can noone stop the menace the Klingons are now posing to the quadrant?

Virus bombs.

The ferengi Trade commerce have disovered and disarmed a number of deadly virus bombs on board many of the trade vessels entering romulan space, Should these devices have been successful the crew would have been killed leaving the vessels as cold tombs within the darkness of space.

Unknown probe.

The recent destruction of a colony vessel within the Ktarian Pride space has caused much concern, the Prides defense forces have chased the elusive probe to the edge of their space however the probe eluded them and is now apparently heading north towards Cardassian space, Some concern is noted as the probe suddenly changed shape then changed direction without warning. What prompted this change is still open to debate...

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Galactic news Stardate 2257 (Turn 8)
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