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A forum for a PBeM in an alternative dark future of the star trek universe. Loosely based on the Birth of the federation computer game
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 Dark Future - Part 1 and now part 2!!!!

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PostSubject: Dark Future - Part 1 and now part 2!!!!   Fri Nov 18, 2011 8:03 am

The Galaxy exploded amid menacing dark laughter....

Q threw himself back through time, it was the last final act of a desperate entity such as himself. The power of the adversary was too much, Q had been outplayed he had been tricked and his own arrogance had been the Alpha Quadrants undoing. As time unraveled and what had once been played again, he gazed upon it and wondered how he... Q... the all knowing , the dashing, the failure... had let it all come to this?

Images played out fragmented and scattered before Q as the Galaxy splintered and spun... The last stand of the United Federation of Planets, now a fraction of its former power, yet defiant and resourceful till the end.

Then images of an armada of gigantic and advanced alien ships pouring forth from a swirling Nebula and the swift destruction and inevitable slavery of the Romulan Star empire.

The bloody and brutal conquest of the Klingon Empire by a dread enemy raised from the dead and thought lost to time.

The savage assimilation of the Cardassian Union by the power of the gamma quadrant and the rest well... they had learned that perhaps resistance is after all... futile.

At every turn Q had watched as the Alpha Quadrant was manipulated and pulled apart as the races he had once tested and watched with michevious glee railed against his own trickery, now succumbed to a more malicious and unforgiving power. He had been almost powerless to stop it, he had never realised his actions were being guided... nay manipulated by another, consider a novice chess player verses a chess master, there was no contest...

The Shame of it, how could he have not fought with more cunning as he watched the members of the Continuum banished and their powers consumed one by one. In the end he had been alone and had stood side by side with the mighty federation, the ferocius Klingon, the schemeing Cardassians and the ever cunning Ferengi. The other races... those that had survived up to the end had put up one hell of a final stand with the major races, but against all these foes... against the betrayal and manipulation of the adversary it had been for nothing and when the fate of the Galaxy had hung in the balance... the death blow... Qs' own hand... Checkmate!

Time slowed and the unfathomable energies that Q had released seemed to beat down upon him draining him further, there is a price to all things...

Q and the continuum had existed since the dawn of the universe and beyond and as he viewed the galaxy anew he realized the alpha quadrant was again in its infancy, the younger races beginning to set forth once again into the stars as they had once before. A mere fraction of time in the scheme of things yet Q knew he had to give them a fighting chance, "oh the challenge", this would be his greatest achievement so far, he grinned to himself amid the pain and dwindling power and his mind started to race with possibilities.

A shudder within the fabric of space time brought him to reality again. The adversary was trying to follow him... he had dawdled to long, with a snap of his fingers he shifted in a flash of light and pain, he knew he had little time and he needed to add a new twist to the game or the adversary would follow him back and it would all be over before it began. What better than...

Appearing within the continuum it was as if he stared upon a mirror of himself and a slightly younger Q raised an eyebrow with an appraising eye and in a whimsical and flamboyant manner spoke.

"who is this who stand before me... so handsome, so fiercely intelligent, why its ME!!!"

The younger Q paced slowly around the intruder.

"your wardrobe has is something to be desired though" he frowned. Deep down though he was warming to the appearance and snapping his finger he assumed a perfect unblemished copy upon himself and put on his most dashing pose for a sudden crowd of admirers, conjured by the power of Q.

Looking out of the corner of his eye as he stood in his dashing pose the younger Q looking at the ragged version of himself, so... tired, so... diminished and wearing a slightly scorched uniform of what would come to be federation standard issue, sporting shiny admiral pipps. Amused and befuddled by what must be a practical joke the younger Q stared upon the weary looking version of himself and watched as it fell to one knee.

What game is this? Q spoke with mild curiosity, something hard to conjure these days.

The ragged and weary Q suddenly snapped his head up to the younger Q as if sensing something and spoke with a sense of finality and a sense of despair.

"Hes coming..."

The air darkened and the fabric of the continuum seemed to warp and a shadowy figure hooded and robed his appearance ragged and menacing and supporting itself on a long twisted staff of dark metal advanced through a rip within the fabric of space and time. Twisted blue lightning seemed to jab at the dark figure as if resisting the robed figures advance, it seemed the fabric of the continuum was not happy, but to no avail...

Looking at the older Q then to the menacing figure the younger Q frowned...


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Posts : 243
Join date : 2011-08-29
Age : 44
Location : manchester, uk

Character sheet

PostSubject: Dark Future - Part 2   Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:28 am

The wounded Q turned and stood weary yet defiant.

I made a mistake once, I shall not make it again...

The younger Q watched a puzzled expression upon his face "Why Q thats not how we treat visitors to the Continuum and...

With a growl the wounded Q snapped.

Get behind me Q and raised a hand before the being before them.

Energy on a cosmic scale erupted, not that you would notice it within the continuum, but creatures such as these felt its effects, stars dimmed, once fertile worlds were made infertile and the struggle began.

The beings face a mirage of lights flickered and the unseen exchange of power intensified. Stepping forward slowly the being who had chased the future Q through time itself began advancing yet it seemed as if something was slowing it and older Qs face became a grimace of pain. It was as if an age passed as the struggle intensified the younger Q rolled his eyes and decided to intervene. With a snap of his fingers he summoned the other Qs.

Nooooo!!! cried the wounded Q. this is what he wants!!!

Throwing himself at the dark figure in a last desperate act, the younger Q watched as a dazzling display of energy cascaded between the other Q and the dark figure and then they exploded. It was no normal explosion but one like a mirror shattering and the pieces flying in all directions, yet the pieces did not land on the ground but instead sped off in all directions and the final piece struck the younger Q and he fell into blackness...

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Dark Future - Part 1 and now part 2!!!!
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