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 Galactic Herald Stardate 2258 (Turn 9)

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PostSubject: Galactic Herald Stardate 2258 (Turn 9)   Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:16 am

The trouble with Romulans is...

The Federation have captured a transport vessel controlled by Romulans, after a valiant firefight aboard the vessel the Romulans were subdued. The unknown federation operatives dressed all in black and without rank or insignia escorted the Romulans into custody. While most of the information we have been able to release has been censored, we do know that the Romulans had stolen internal Federation data and were attempting to escape with it back to the Star Empire.

Gorn recruitment continues.

From the Gorn home world to the outer systems of the hegemony more and more Gorn are signing up to the Hegemonic armed forces. Special Gorn mustering bases have been appearing on the home world and the standard of ground troops being produced are said to be the best within the alpha quadrant.

Bajor and the Federation

The Bajorans and the Federation have opened up trade between them. With this comes the federations promise of cultural exchange and words of the theological beliefs in the fabled prophets has started to spread slowly to surrounding empires.

Breen and ferengi cold war.

News has been leaked that The Breen Confederacy and The Ferengi Alliance have begun massing star ships upon each others borders, the main reason for this seems to be a planet that lies between both empires with the potential for dilithium mining. Outposts are being constructed and battle fleets are forming. The Breen have provided no comment and we are still awaiting word from the Grand nagus on this subject, but one thing is for certain, war is coming...

Klingon Defense Initiative.

The Klingon internal defense initiative has managed to foil an attempt at espionage, false data showing Klingon ships attacking an unarmed unknown classification of vessel has been discovered, the Klingon defense initiative have refused to comment but this was an elaborate and cunning attempt to frame the Klingon Empire for an unprovoked attack. As yet the perpetrators have not been discovered.

Bajor Wormhole.

Word of the Bajorans home of the prophets residing within the wormhole in their system have peeked the interest of the alpha quadrant, many are calling for a outpost to be established so that exploration of this wormhole can begin. Some claim that we have a chance to meet with real deities, some claim this as being a ridiculous venture and mock the mysticism behind it. On a sidenote word of the prophets seem to be having a profound impact on the Cardassian union, the civilian population are taking to the idea of the prophets and turning away from the militaristic attitudes of the Union...

Klingons renege on affiliation pact.

Gorn diplomats and high officials of the Hegemony waited for twelve hours aboard Serenity station. Expecting to meet with ambassadors of the House of Mogh they now appear to have been snubbed by the Klingon Empire. Our reporters attempted to speak to the Gorn crown prince about this but the Prince simply stated 'No comment' and had nothing further to say as they left the station in a hurry, fury etched upon there reptilian faces. Attempts to speak to Kurn ambassador of the house of Mogh were denied. Many speculate this could be the last straw after the Crown Prince Xrathis and the House of Mogh clasped hands in friendship in an earlier meeting and an affiliation was agreed upon. With the klingon civil war in full swing and the Gorn having stopped their advance to arrange this pact many now speculate that the Gorn war machine will be advancing upon the Klingon Empire with full steam

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Galactic Herald Stardate 2258 (Turn 9)
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