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 Galactic Herald Stardate 2259 (Turn 10)

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PostSubject: Galactic Herald Stardate 2259 (Turn 10)   Mon Nov 28, 2011 9:29 am

Non agression treaty.

The Cardassian Union have finally opened dialogue with the Trill Commonwealth. In a private exchange between the two empires it was agreed a 10 year treaty should provide the Union with the privacy it craves and stated any violation of its space would end in swift and merciless military action. The Trill Commonwealth were available for comment and stated they were happy the Union had recognized the concerns of the Commonwealth over rapid expansion.

Vulcan move ships to Klingon border.

Further encroachment by the Klingon Empire upon Vulcan space has prodded the normally complacent High Command into action. Rumors are spreading warships have been dispatched to stop the advance of the Klingon's. The Klingon's in return have scoffed at these supposed actions claiming Vulcan vessels are no match for there own.

Unknown Probe

The as yet unclassified probe that recently violated Ktarian space has been spotted approaching the southern tip of the Trill Commonwealth. The Ktarians have attempted to warn the Trill of this impending threat but as yet formal relations between the two empires and differing diplomatic protocols are affecting communication. The Galaxy watches and waits to see what will happen when this unknown vessel collides with Trill space.


The Breen have made bold move in the current Ferengi - Breen Coldwar. They have taken orbit above the dilithium rich planet they have both been posturing over in the depths of space. As Breen warships take up defensive positions in the system they wait to see if the might of the Ferengi Aliiance will move to contest the attempts at colonization.

Trill - Federation Treaty.

The Federation have once again formed a friendship treaty with another Empire within the Alpha Quadrant, expert Federation diplomats and the offer of cultural exchange have swayed the Trill Commonwealth into an official treaty.

Thats no moon!

The Gorn Hegemony has cut all civilian contact with non military operations. As the Gorn are said to be advancing upon the unstable Klingon border and given the recent diplomatic snubbing with the Klingons, we at the Galactic herald believe that conflict could erupt upon the Gorn - Klingon border at any time. Some of our more intrepid reporters managed to capture this following image of some sort of Gorn station being created in deep space on the Klingon border, that was before we lost contact with them...

Tick Tock...

The Cardassian Union has had been struck with small protests of citizens who believe that the Union should not be ruled by the military caste and should follow the path of the Bajor prophets. We have for safety reasons stationed ourselves in high orbit and are watching the protests with long range communication and surveillance devices, the Cardassian military have yet to respond to this political movement but we will keep the quadrant posted for as long as we can...

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Galactic Herald Stardate 2259 (Turn 10)
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