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Star trek - Dark Future

A forum for a PBeM in an alternative dark future of the star trek universe. Loosely based on the Birth of the federation computer game
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 Playable races and availability

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Playable races and availability Empty
PostSubject: Playable races and availability   Playable races and availability Icon_minitimeMon Aug 29, 2011 11:29 pm

Below is a list of playable galactic powers, as positions are taken i will add the email address of the appropiate players, email me at or private message me on this forum to request a power for yourself, in the meantime, make yourself a profile, join in the rolelay section freely, all are welcome.

Major Races:
The United Federation of Planets : Taken: (
The Ferengi Alliance : Taken (
The Klingon Empire : Taken (
The Cardassian Union : Available
The Romulan Star Empire : Taken (

Lesser races:
The Breen Confederacy : Available
The Orion Syndicate : Available
The Vulcan high command : Available
The Ktarian Pride : Available
The Trill Commonwealth : Available
The Nausicaan Privateers : Available
The Gorn Hegemony : Available
The Tholian Assembly : Available

Please be aware by signing up for a Major power you are asking for an empire to control and are expected to put some effort into the turn submission and also represent your faction on the Forum through roleplay

As a lesser race things would be a little easier.

Now then... not sure who these guys are? Easy solution, go check them out on

Be a good idea to check them all out if you can, its good to know ones enemies or future allies...

Please note that some empires may seem active on the forums, this is because they are GM controlled until a player takes them.

Also there is a Alpha Quadrant Map updated each turn available to view the current empires territories, its next to the log in button under Alpha Quadrant Map. If this is not working you can find it on the 'News and Events section along with current Galactic news of events transpiring so far

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Playable races and availability
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