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 Emperor Mogh and the sword of kahlass

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PostSubject: Emperor Mogh and the sword of kahlass   Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:58 am

Walking through the outer gardens of the house of Mogh, the emperor breathed deeply and looked to the skies, this world and the Empire was finally his, unity through strength. He growled a deep Klingon growl in pride and then began to relax as he surveyed his complex, the Klingon foliage as deadly as it was beautiful soothed his mind, the Kra'tok willow its embrace would kill a small Klingon child if they were not strong enough but that was the Klingon way, if a child died to a Kra'tok willow it would be a loss but that just proved the child was not destined to be a true Klingon warrior. The red skies of Qo'noS tinted the wooden structures of Moghs' compound the colour of blood.

Perfect he thought, he drew the legendary sword of Kahlass and began his kata, his precision and timing with the Bat'leth was perfect anyone watching would have watched in awe at the display or martial prowess and discipline of mind, so focused on this grueling kata was Emperor Mogh he almost missed them.

As the red skies darkened and the courtyard dimmed the shadowy figure scuttled silently over the wooden rooftop of his compound. Dim yellow lights lit up on the figures face and Emperor Mogh became more defined in the dimming light his visor adjusting to the alien light of this world, the target was in site.

Mogh stoped mid kata and with reflexes bordering on the supernatural twisted to one side and watched as a blast of energy fired from the dark figure atop the compounds roof. Swirling the Sword of Kahlass around his body like no other he crouched in a defensive stance and uttered a howl of defiance at the intruder. Roars responded from within the compound and Moghs guards were alerted to the threat.

In a split second Mogh scanned the rooftop then the compound walls, the Klingons walls were still manned by Klingons yet they did not move, he didnt need to look twice, they were already dead, propped against the walls in a semblance of life, the work of the dark figure done, the trap had been set and Mogh for now was alone...

The figure landed silently from a 15 foot drop on one knee and looked at the Emperor and advanced, sniffing in defiance the Emperor knew no lone creature could stand against him and advanced then stopped as the figure raised a hand summoning more than a dozen figures outfitted in jet black with blades in hand which advanced from the deepening red of the courtyard.

By the time the elite guard of Mogh burst into the courtyard six of the figures lay dead around Emperor Mogh, one of them suspended high up in the Kra'Tok willow its life slowly being crushed by the willow leaves obviously thrown there by the emperor, yet the silent black clad enemies circled him in a crouched fashion... cautiously, small wicked shape blades bared and waiting for the final strike as Mogh stood defiant and deep concentration etched upon his noble face sporting the Sword of Kahless wet with the blood of his enemies. With only a brief pause dozens of Klingons roared to the Emperors defense.

The dark figures scattered forming a line to repel the Klingon elite guard and it became a true test of strength and battle prowess as Klingon martial prowess battled black clad assassins whose prowess relied upon dexterity and insideous attack methods the identity of the attackers still unknown...

Kurn strode into the courtyard bellowing orders the Emperor was in peril and no gutless Targ would take him while he was present. Knowing the Emperors lust was not easily sated he threw himself at Mogh and raised his disruptor killing a dark assassin upon the rooftop who was about to fell the Emperor with his own disruptor. Growling Mogh grinned at Kurn and stood and watched as the klingons fought and died valiantly. More assassins descended from the rooftops and the Klingons began to fall back the roars and the screams of the dying invading the courtyard as Batleth took down assassins and phaser fire and blades drove deep into the defending Klingons.

Kurn dragged the Emperor into the wooden compound walls against his will with a few Klingon guards and slid shut the thin wooden doors. Emperor Mogh was no fool, nor was he a coward, he lurched for the doorway Kurn had slid shut, he would not shy away from an enemy in his own home... He stopped...

Concentrating he and Ambassador Kurn blocked out the noise of the battle outside and heard more footfall upon the roof of the building, it seemed there was many more of these assassins than they had first thought, five maybe six against one was a worthy foe, but more... this was going to be a glorious battle!!! Roaring to Kurn and the warriors with him, they roared back in readiness and waited going back to back the sound of phaser fire and steel upon steel.

Without warning the back wall crashed open and countless assassins poured in the fighting and transporters beamed in more assassins soon Kurn and Mogh fought alone back to back surrounded by enemies. Blood splashed the noble walls of the House of Mogh, The sword of Kahlass shone like a beacon of light as Mogh cut down foe after foe and Kurn weaved between blows dispatching those that attempted to get at the Emperor.

Wounded deeply Mogh and Kurn panted and staggered back as two more black clad figures slinked in over the bodies of the fallen. These were different, they were clever they circled the two Klingons splitting them as the fighting outside continued, the assassins outside were doing their job they had isolated the Emperor of the Klingon empire and only Kurn stood with him.

What happened next is fighting only those who have trained all their lives could envision, blade against blade, skill against skill, yet against the scions of the house of Mogh they were no match, in a display of martial prowess Mogh dispatched the first and turned to see Kurn struggling with another upon the ground and threw the Sword of Kahlass to Kurn who struck dead the assassin as he attempted to kill Kurn and as swiftly as it was delivered Kurn threw it back and Mogh struck dead an unseen assassin that had appeared behind the Emperor.

A klingon battle cry of Victory sounded upon the courtyard the battle was won. Emperor Mogh threw open the door and replied with his own roar raising the sword of Kahlass and instinctly spun to deflect a dart fired from the rooftop from a last remaining assassin. The dart did not deflect but instead stuck to the symbol of the Klingon Empire and flashed once, twice and the Sword of Kahlass was transported from the hands of the Emperor. It was not the Emperor they had come for...

Kurn staggered from the Building slick with the bodies of the fallen and ripped off the mask of one of the black clad assassin. Green skin greeted him "Orions..." he growled....

This wasn't over...

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Emperor Mogh and the sword of kahlass
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