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 Minor races (New)

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PostSubject: Minor races (New)   Minor races (New) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 5:28 am

Minor races such as those listed below are non playable races but can be subjugated or eventually persuaded to join your empire. Using the new tribute/Bribe minor race action you will increase their opinion of your empire. Initial opinions of each race will vary depending on who they meet so dont be surprised if one is friendly and another is damn right hostile towards you. This is just their initial opinion of your empire. Once they have joined you, you gain that planet to your empire stat sheet in the same way you would gain a new planet and may upgrade it as you wish. Minor races also come with a unique structure, some good, some not so good.

However convincing a minor race to join you is not easy, the Tribute/Bribe action will work wonders to helping this, but be warned it is no way cheap and some empires may prefer conquest over this method. Other actions may help tip their reaction in your favor, like liberating them from a hostile player or defending them if the need should arise, ill let you discover these yourself.

Be warned, once you are attempting to forge an alliance with such minor races or even when they have joined you, other empires can also use this Bribe/Tribute action to sway them from your side and have them join them instead, so watch out for their opinion of you falling and compensate accordingly with further tributes to the minor race you are focusing on.

Here is a list of the races that can be affected in this way;

The Betazoids (Betazed)
The Acamarians (Acamar)
The Andorians (Andor)
The bandi (Deneb)
The Bajorians (Bajor)

Below are the listed opinions from minor races you can earn or be demoted to through you actions;


More races may become available if we extend the Alpha quadrant or after an initial period the gamma quadrant is entered and explored.

Any questions feel free to ask.
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Minor races (New)
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