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 Reading your Galactic map

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PostSubject: Reading your Galactic map   Reading your Galactic map Icon_minitimeMon Sep 05, 2011 1:33 am


Its occurred to me that when you look at your galactic maps you may think.. what the HECK is that! So.... i have decided to try and inform you of the basics.

Its done on the basic paint feature you get with most PCs. As you can see its a grid map, now when you view it you will see your home world with a letter indicating your race. This is your Home world and the center of your empire and it will be depicted with a large green circle.

Now around it there may be other systems with various pictures in, they are as follows:

Each system with 2 or more brown circles indicates a uncolonized world, if any of the planet in it are green then its in the process of being colonized.

Each system with a single large Circle that is not your homeworld or anyone else this indicates a system with Dilithium. (Dilithium as we know can be used to have larger fleet ).

Each System with a purple and blue swirl indicates a system clouded by a vast Nebula (be warned shields do not operate in a Nebula.)

Each system with a Black swirl within it indicates a Black Hole. Ships within a said system can be destroyed instantly if its shields are not powerful enough to resist its pull. Black holes also mess with scanners ability to detect ships within that sector, this also effects the surrounding squares of the black hole to a lesser degree.

Each system with a multiple circles within each other is a worm hole. Beware these can sometimes be unstable and destroy any ships entering them instantly. If stable they will take you to another wormhole somewhere within the Galaxy map forming an instant bridge between the 2 wormholes. Beware these could lead outside the alpha quadrant...

If you come across a sector of space between two empires with grey lines through it at a angle this indicates contested space. This is caused when the expansion of one empire encroaches on another. Any uncolonised planets falling within these areas are contested and you must force the opposing faction to cede territory by destroying the outpost or starbase that initiated the contested areas or by subjugating or bombarding the planet into oblivion that caused this. Alternatively you could speak with the opposing empire and if they are willing to cede the territory you can claim it as your own. this only applies to the two empires that this is caused by. Some would consider these areas a Neutral Zone.

Now you may have noticed your map has a lot of grey sections, theses are unknown sectors of space and you would be wise to search them out with Scouts. They could and will reveal the systems indicated above. The areas that are the lighter grey are those revealed by your scanners or by your scout ships (scout ships Mk1 can see one square on all sides of there finishing position when moved. Mk2 ships can see 2 squares.

Systems colored in red, green, yellow etc other than your own, indicate faction controlled space, enter this at your peril.

You will also notice Green, Yellow and red lines within your empire, this indicates the range various ships may travel:
Green = Short range vessel max range.
Yellow = Medium range vessel max range.
Red = Long range vessel max range.

These ranges can be increased by shipyards, outposts and Star bases.

Ill update this if you have any further questions Smile

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Reading your Galactic map
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