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 Galactic Council Introduction

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PostSubject: Galactic Council Introduction   Galactic Council Introduction Icon_minitimeMon Feb 13, 2012 2:06 am

Within the depths of Serenity station away from the entry portals, private chambers and the entertainment sector near Quaffs is a large area that has been created by the enigmatic Q, within it are hundreds of podiums that can only be accessed by each particular faction or race native to to the Alpha Quadrant.

As one addresses the Alpha Quadrant with issues of concern, the podium floats into the center of this vast hall and attached itself to a central column, then words of the representative are projected for all to hear, once the words are finished the podium floats back to its position and locks into place again.

This Galactic Council is a place that can sway the opinions of the Alpha Quadrant, a place were you represent your entire empire to the entire galaxy, tread carefully...

Galactic Council Introduction Galact10
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Galactic Council Introduction
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