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 Galactic news Stardate 2255 (Turn 6)

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PostSubject: Galactic news Stardate 2255 (Turn 6)   Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:49 am

Klingon Civil war

Furious fighting is being reported from within the Klingon Empire. News of Klingons vessels locked in battle and ground fighting as Emperor Scolak and the house of Kurn via for power. Various claims are being made against one another for the infighting but one thing is for sure, there can be only one Emperor! Many are calling for this matter to be resolved before the Klingon Empire is consumed in war, some even suggest an outside negotiator should be brought in to help. Whatever the result the internal fighting will fuel the fans of conquest within the Klingons as they look to the winner to lead them to glory... and the Galaxy waits with bated breath...

The Muda Treaty

The Federation and the Gorn Hegemony have had their highest diplomats meet at a Gorn world known as Muda. Engaging in lengthy talks the two empires have come out of it with a greater Treaty, one that defines their affiliation down to the smallest detail, or so the rumors would have us believe. Whatever this internal definition it is known that the federation and the Gorn seem happy with this new Muda treaty and all federation personnel returned safely to federation space. Will the federations values win over the Gorn or will the federation walk away from this with a more militaristic view... We captured a picture of a Gorn speaking to the federation diplomats but we dared not ask him if he had any comments.

The Sheliak close there borders

Long range independent trading vessels have been destroyed by 'The Corporate'. This apparent aggressive stance comes without clear provocation and traders are no longer entering Sheliak space as a result.

Unknown probe

A strange vessel has been spotted within the alpha quadrant near Ktarian Pride space it seems to be scanning systems then moving on. As yet no vessel has been able to match its speed or get close. A long range Ktarian satellite was able to retrieve the following image...

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Galactic news Stardate 2255 (Turn 6)
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